increased localized Nociceptive pain sensitivity

I have googled Reinnervation and several other terms in papers in regards to nerve growth as well as local hyper sensitivity to pain. What I have found are articles on attempts to fix motor neurons with surgery and ES (electro stimulation) combos. And I flew down the fibromyalgia rabbit hole with hyperalgesia since that condition usually involves neuropathy.
What I am looking for is a way to increase the localized sensitivity of Nociceptive pain specifically the mechanic receptive and generalized reception the chemical and temperature are of less interest. When I first looked at the paper on ES I saw successes in fostering growth of nerves but I then realized these were motor neurons.
My thoughts were centered around if there was a way to encourage the growth of further axon terminal nerve endings and nociceptors the same amount of touch would result in a higher pain sensitivity locally without altering the pain perception in other areas in order to prevent bruising in localized dermal areas which just can't get their signals across because of other pain signals in other parts of the body. Because the brain is really selective on which pain to report on ( usually the highest signal even if you learn to ignore that one) that other signals get lost until damage is already at the bruising stage.
Wondering if anyone came across an unwanted side effect of localized permanent or semi permanent increased sensitivity to pain which usually would be highly unwanted, but in my case could help me out. Because bruising usually can also cause a numbing of the affected area which is even more counter productive.
So this hack could prevent injuries from going unnoticed to preventing injuries in the first place.
Let me know if you folks have seen something , and yes I hear the comments already why not treat the offending blocking chronic pain 1st. Sometimes this is not possible and/or the treatment options are so risky or the downsides if it goes wrong are just too severe, while this idea may cause pains, but those will actually tell you stop doing this or that before bruising and other things become a problem.
Please let me know if any of you have seen such a unicorn side effect that might be utilized maybe even dialed in over multiple treatments until the desired increased localized pain sensitivity is achieved.
Thank you for your time
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