Multi coating magnet implants

Hello, I have read a lot of arguments on with coating is the best and places, that sell coated magnets, but i can't find any place that offers multi coated magnets. I'm looking for an N52 (Ni-Cu-Ni) - TiN - parylene and if possible with a layer of gold, sprinkled between the TiN and parylene. Any suggestions?


  • Personally I would avoid both parylene and TiN at all cost, unless 50/50 odds are acceptable to you. Both have over the years failed and failed and failed, if not within the first 6 months. I may be biased against parylene and TiN but only because of reading and reading how many of these fail

  • Currently you could consider purchasing a PMMA+Palaseal coated magnet from Cassox at Augmentation Limitless, or you could purchase a glass coated xG3 or a Titanium encased Titan from Dangerous Things. They all could last indefinitely.

    I've had all of these magnets installed and they're good. I've also had a TiN and a Parylene magnet installed which both failed after a few months.
  • Also your application would factor in too, do you want it more for sensing or lifting?
    The titanium encased titan is the new kid on the block (would recommend this one) and comes with lifetime warranty, I bought one for just-in-case my silicone coated Haworth fails at some point in the future (Great so far @ 1.5yrs)

    No surprise both TiN and Parylene failing within a few months, I'd be constantly worried (and awaiting) about for failure.

    I do dread the day I ever notice anything signalling that the coating is compromised, but it feels good having a backup in place, I can't imagine waking up not having my magnet.
    Not sure how effective gold would actually be, yes its bio-inert but I've read bodily fluids eventually don't leave the gold coating intact very well (?)

  • Gold alone is not enough because it's mechanically very weak so it experiences cracking and flaking. I don't think putting gold on top of or underneath the TiN is viable or wise.
  • This configuration i was mentioning was just an example. Thank you for the other coating ideas. The DT magnets are a bit pricy tho. @Satur9 do you know how to contact @Cassox outside this forum? He's not responding here?

  • Cassox is very a hard dude to pin down. He's an ER nurse and a mad scientist so he doesn't have a lot of bandwidth to chat. You can try [email protected], but it will still be slow. I've heard he's active on the Slack for this site, but you need an invite for that.
  • Expensive? The biocoating is the absolute LAST area you want to be counting pennies. This coating is the barrier that protects your body from toxic elements and basically determines whether your magnet can stay in your finger or not. You want the best of the best coating available for something that's gonna be inside your body long term.
    If a $300 biomagnet is "too expensive", probably should do some saving otherwise you're gonna end up with something cheap and nasty that "works" for 6 weeks and then turns black because the quality of the product matches the price paid for it, not to mention time (and even more money) wasted installing + removing.

    Do it right the first time ;)

  • Augmentation Limitless is going to charge you ~$80 for one of their magnets because of all the labor that went in. The xG3 v1 is $70 and the v2 is $130 right now. I understand the Titan is expensive, but it is a permanent addition to your body.

    You don't have to get a Titan, but if you're not willing to spend $80 on a magnet I would just wait until you are. If you cut corners you're gonna get burned.
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