Need to increase testosterone to hopefully get rid of COPD - how to go about it?

How can i increase testosterone from 50ish qmol/l to normal levels?
And what other hormones should i check & increase to fight COPD?

My testosterone probably fell due to (a downward spiral of) chronic stress, heavy COPD and inhaled corticosteroids.
Normal T levels should help fix my inflammations AFAIK

Long version
I am a 30-nothing male, with abysmal testosterone level.
3-ish years ago it was probably relatively normal as i had no problems with anything. But then shit started falling down, and my health followed 1 year after.

The reason i noticed low T is because i have a bad COPD (started two years ago) and i noticed it fluctuates on weekly and 4-weekly periods. After ruling out most other options i took a salivary testosterone test (blood test not available to me currently) and it turned out i have 1/9th of the testosterone i should have at my age.
No wonder that my inflammation won't go away, that my bones and back hurt, that i feel beyond old - ancient...

As a kid i had a lot of lung problems but puberty put an end to that and i was impenetrable for 6-8 years. So i assume changing my hormone levels would do the trick again. Also i found some (not really great) studies saying HGH + T help COPD.

Unfortunately doctors here are useless (third world country-like), basically i'm left for dead with COPD and everything else. So asking Dr.'s for TRT or COPD treatment is not an option, i need to fix it on my own.

So what should i take to return my testosterone to normal (of course i would like to keep my fertility - assuming i have any) and what else to help with my COPD?

Any input is greatly appreciated as my life's been on hold for the past 2 years and my bones and joints are starting to degrade :(

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