Need to increase testosterone to hopefully get rid of COPD - how to go about it?

How can i increase testosterone from 50ish qmol/l to normal levels?
And what other hormones should i check & increase to fight COPD?

My testosterone probably fell due to (a downward spiral of) chronic stress, heavy COPD and inhaled corticosteroids.
Normal T levels should help fix my inflammations AFAIK

Long version
I am a 30-nothing male, with abysmal testosterone level.
3-ish years ago it was probably relatively normal as i had no problems with anything. But then shit started falling down, and my health followed 1 year after.

The reason i noticed low T is because i have a bad COPD (started two years ago) and i noticed it fluctuates on weekly and 4-weekly periods. After ruling out most other options i took a salivary testosterone test (blood test not available to me currently) and it turned out i have 1/9th of the testosterone i should have at my age.
No wonder that my inflammation won't go away, that my bones and back hurt, that i feel beyond old - ancient...

As a kid i had a lot of lung problems but puberty put an end to that and i was impenetrable for 6-8 years. So i assume changing my hormone levels would do the trick again. Also i found some (not really great) studies saying HGH + T help COPD.

Unfortunately doctors here are useless (third world country-like), basically i'm left for dead with COPD and everything else. So asking Dr.'s for TRT or COPD treatment is not an option, i need to fix it on my own.

So what should i take to return my testosterone to normal (of course i would like to keep my fertility - assuming i have any) and what else to help with my COPD?

Any input is greatly appreciated as my life's been on hold for the past 2 years and my bones and joints are starting to degrade :(


  • do you eat tofu???? Beans??? Those are loaded with plant estrogens run do not walk to the trashcan with all estrogen containing foods (anything with soy is poison for you)
    Yeah google all your foods you eat to check for hidden estrogens.
    Also google raising T-levels naturally.
    If your in a medically poor country, best solution whole foods protein good fats and carbs as possible and resistance exercise caffeine and creatine monohydrate and cut out any and all plant estrogens they are poison to you.
    PS: Caffeine is also shown to help with asthma and chronic bronchitis.
  • Plant estrogen affecting human testosterone levels is a myth.
  • > @tekniklr said:
    > Plant estrogen affecting human testosterone levels is a myth.

    Did you look at the tables the placebo groups are on average older than the test groups this seems to me like they would invalidate the meta analysis since older populations tend to have lower t levels

    To the OP one more thing avoid plastic bottles, dishes and utensils and microwave in glass endocrine disruptors can leach from some plastics.
  • @terramir said:

    @tekniklr said:
    Plant estrogen affecting human testosterone levels is a myth.

    Did you look at the tables the placebo groups are on average older than the test groups this seems to me like they would invalidate the meta analysis since older populations tend to have lower t levels

    Each study in this meta analysis save for one (Kranse et al., 2005) that had a placebo group has the same age cohort between placebo and non-placebo groups. I'm looking at Table 1 in the linked PDF. Even if you want to disregard that one study, there are 31 others that find the same thing- no link between soy protein and testosterone levels.

  • I need to dig deeper into this because honestly I dunno how they controlled for all the soy in store bought foods, and how they explain the dramatic decrease in the t levels in modern societies today
  • @Ancient I don't know where you live but there are websites you can by testosterone in capsule or liquid form. Taking in account your level is 1/9 on normal it should be possible to just go to the doctor and have prescribed the testosterone to you officially, especially after a proper blood test. BTW in case of blood test ask for a full analysis, hormones' are all connected to each other, something else might be lower than normal.

  • Testosterone replacement therapy is usually not prescribed orally as traditionally this has caused problems for the liver. Apparently only very recently have oral formulations been developed to counter this (2020: , 2016: ) I wouldn’t trust any “testosterone pills” not prescribed by a doctor, especially without not also getting periodic blood work to check hormone levels and such.

    You should still be able to get TRT prescribed by a doctor either via weekly/bi-weekly injection or daily topical gel, though. This is very common; I do weekly subq testosterone injections myself.
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    Be careful when replacing your hormones, they have to be just right, you can't just go with the initiative of "I want extremely high Testosterone so I'm going to carelessly make it high".

    Let me put this metaphorically. Calcium if low is bad for the bones, if just right is good for the bones, if high is bad for the bones. Well your hormones are the same, they have to be balanced and not high and not low.

    First you need blood monitoring, you can find services online or a local doctor might be willing to do it, you need to check your Serum testosterone level and you need to check this routinely, I recommend you start monthly testing and then eventually increase to 3 monthly testing to get everything right how you want it while also being self-aware.

    If you do this then keep it at the top of the male range but don't exceed it, also your Testosterone will naturally fluctuate over time as all hormones do.

    I recommend you be careful with pills, you say your Testosterone is low and this would mean you're putting a high amount of Testosterone into your stomach which is bad for the liver. Transwomen for example have to take Estrogen in extremely high doses to get it in female range and such high amounts gives them unique heart risks and the heart problems which can occur are unique too.

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