Magnet itching, do I need to remove it?

Hi all,
I had my magnet implanted 1.5 years ago. It was great until a few weeks ago. I made the mistake of letting a powerful magnet touch it, and it pulled mine really hard. Since then, it's been itching in my finger occasionally. It has also moved closer to the surface. It's still as powerful as before though, and there is no darkening on the skin. It twinges more if I mess with it.

Do you guys think I pulled it out of place, and it just needs to heal again? Or does it need to be removed? Thanks.


  • What was the coating on your magnet, do you remember?
  • @Satur9 said:
    What was the coating on your magnet, do you remember?

    It was parylene.

  • I had a big parylene magnet in for a year and a half and the coating had started to fail. I've attached some pictures. You can see surface pitting, bubbles, and cracks.

    The tough part with elastomers like parylene and silicone is that they're really just a shell, they're not adhered to the magnet in any way. A blunt force trauma like you're describing could have exacerbated an already present crack in the coating, which could expose the nickel plating to your body. This would manifest as an itching sensation if you're one of a large percentage of people who have a nickel allergy.

    Your call about whether or not you want to take it out. If it starts to get red or inflamed, or you notice a significant loss of field strength, that's a sure sign.
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