Vaccine-Viral vector.

does anyone know how to make a vaccine using a viral vector? its for HSV-1 virus. The removal of glycoprotein D from viral surface allows the body to make neutralizing antibodies. I'd like to vaccinate myself.


  • I'm not DIYBio focused, but I'm also interested in this. There doesn't seem to be much of a business case for pharmaceutical companies to "cure" HSV-1 once and for all.

    Ascendance Biomedical was purportedly working on a treatment before the accident. glims may also have some insights to share.

    My understanding is that part of the reason HSV is so robust and long-lived in the body is because it takes refuge in nerve cells between outbreaks. Simply instigating an immune response via antibodies may not be sufficient to completely eradicate it. Maybe inoculating against it would work though. Unfortunately it doesn't have those convenient spike proteins like covid-19
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