Knowing when to stop

Tried to put in an xLED today; keyword being “tried”. I did my own magnets years ago but underestimated how challenging it would be to get a needle into my hand one-handed, just in terms of the force required and having nothing to properly push against. I didn’t get it far enough, tried to deepen the pocket with no luck, and started to try somewhere else, but I figured I’m better off getting new supplies and waiting to try again.

Plus side: Got to test-scan the chip while it’s out
Minus side: All the healing time and none of the fun


  • RIP, condolences for the pain and loss of supplies.

    But, lessons learned, right?

    I cut a Firefly v2 out of my own hand last year and also greatly underestimated the amount of force required and the difficulty of working on one hand when you only have the other to work with.

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