I Am Robot - Payment Chip P1

Hello! :-)

I am selling two P1 payment chips from I Am Robot because I can't implant them anymore due to personal health issues. I really would like to sell them both together for a fair price. (Maybe 2 for 1? Paying via cash on delivery?) The P1 from IAR from Germany is based on the VIMpay debit cards. The implants are still sealed and the expiry date is 4 years plus for both.

Photos are available if you are interested. Just let me know/pm me. :-)



  • I might be interested if it's still available. I'll have to do some research into this "I Am Robot" company rq...

  • Rem seems to be MIA. I purchased the P1s and they arranged for shipping but I haven't received them. It's been more than long enough for shipping. I hope they're okay, and I also that I haven't been scammed XDX
  • Just to circle back on this, I did finally recieve the IAR P1s. @Rem is still missing in action though. Good luck, comrade.
  • I've bought a chip from them 2-3 years ago, very friendly guy, had a problem with payment and i paid after i received the chip.

    The payment implants require a german
    bank account!
    They are first who made the payment implant and the double nfc implant rfid and nfc in one capsule.
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