Magnets with metal detectors

I don't have a magnet yet (and probably won't be able to get one for like another 2 years for certain reasons) but I want one sometime in the next few years and I'm curious about whether or not they can be detected by metal detectors (mostly at airports or important governmental/corporate offices) since I do plan on traveling a lot after I can get it and getting patted down every time I board a plane doesn't seem pleasant.

Has anyone ever been stopped by a metal detector because of an implant?


  • I've been though metal detectors with multiple implanted magnets numerous times with no issue, even going so far as to rub my magnet bearing hand against the enclosure and separately try and wand myself. It doesn't register. The magnets are simply too small for the detector to register. Vicarious, JennyMclane, and Amal have all had similar experiences. I wouldn't worry about it.
  • hello
    I don'T know the excat name of this: They have also handheld scanning devices at the security gates. We have a security gate at the visitor terrace from the airport. I talked with the security personel, if they can try to find the magnet and the RFIDs.. nothing - I showed them the position - nothing happend.

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