What do you call yourself, if any?

I got interested in transhumanism about the same time I started questioning if I really had to be a boy, guy, man, it has always been there in the back of my mind all through my transition.

Now, I know 16 glass-encapsulated chip-implants maybe are not that much if one compares to things to come, but when do one actually crosses the "barrier" between a natural, non-augmented homo-sapiens, to something "more"?

Now, gender, as well as any identity is fluid, a spectrum and not something that really anyone have the exact same concept of, but where is the limit?

In the future, maybe most people would have some kind of implant, does that mean they are all cyborgs? What is a cyborg?

I like freedom, at the same time I realize that it's all somewhat subjective so I try not to make claims I'm not sure I can really live up to. But does it really matter in the end? Are we all just really individuals, a representation of just yourself and not what other are or may become?

I want to be understood, most importantly for what I'm NOT, just so people don't think of me as a innocent being.
At the same time, my body mines, all mine, no matter if the TERF's, transmedicalists, normies, PC-people think I'm using a movement for my own "winning", I know my "rights".

Are you a grinder?
Are you a transhumanist?
Are you a biohacker?
Are you a guy/gal/person with the keys to the future?

Or are you just "you"?


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    Im me

    Non Binary

    I have installed some magnets by my self - that changed nothing on my identity.

    Its like a Piercing for me.

    When i pierced my self that also didn't made me being a Cyborg/whatever.

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