implantation of the onion omega2 or the vocore2 as an alternative to the raspberry pi 0

I have been interested in the project for a little while now, and my one issue with it is the size of the implant. I have been trying to find better alternatives to a raspberry pi 0w, and what I have come up with is the onion omega2 and the vocore2. From what I can tell the onion omega2 is the best out of the box solution. When you power the onion omega 2 it creates a hotspot for you to connect to, and you are able to control a Linux box through your browser. The vocore2 is an even smaller footprint, but more tinkering would required to get it to work. I know that the onion omega2 would work as an implant, so I might purchase a vocore2 to see if I can get that one to work. (I am most interested with the vocore2 as it is one square inch in area) If anyone knows of a smaller sbc that can run Linux, or knows of a qi receiver that is 1inch by 1inch please let me know. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.


  • Hey @tallowycape, great timing. We have a group of people working on a smaller version of the pegleg on the DT discord:

    Chimpo, Devilclarke, Donfire, and I have been piecing things together. We've been calling it "bodybytes". We tried out a few WiFi SD cards, but their performance has been sub-optimal and they're difficult to source nowadays. We're just now trying to figure out a good microproc, so your insights could be really helpful. There's not many great off-the-shelf qi charging solutions that fit within the form factor we had in mind, so Devilclarke and I will probably end up designing a custom one and we'll through it all together on a flex PCB.

    I'll let them know about your post.
  • i just joined the server! ill reach out to you

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