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Hey so, I successfully implanted a magnet into my ring finger, after one failed attempt, the second time worked PERFECTLY. I am now looking at an RFID implant, and was wondering if someone knowledgeable would be able to answer some questions for me.

1: a lot of places recommend the proxmark, but it’s waaay to expensive for my budget, would I be able to program it in any cheaper ways? I know about the blue Chinese read and write ones, but how good are they actually?

2: is injecting the chip into yourself doable? I really wanna numb up the area, and I also wanna do it myself, and so far I have not seen that happen.

3: how annoying is it in every day life? With my magnet I have to be conscious how I place my finger and stuff on heavy boxes and so on, is there anything I should keep in mind with this implant?

If you can’t answer all the questions, and can only answer 1 or 2, that is PERFECTLY fine and is very greatly appreciated! If you have anything else to keep in mind please list that too.


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    as for quetion # 3 i can only comment on the tiny capsule implants, usually placed between thumb and index finger (backside of the hand). It's virtually not there at all unless something presses the tiny capsule against the bones nearby. This only ever happens when you wrap a rope around your hand in a very weird way which basically squishes your entire hand to begin with. Also happens when you show it off to other people and let them feel it. No impact on day to day life for me.

    Keep in mind those tiny implants have a rather limited read distance (only 5 to 20mm on some readers). The Payment-tags are bigger for very good reasons.

    1. Is the proxmark 3 easy still too expensive for your budget? They're available pre-flashed with the recommended firmware from Dangerous Things (, or a bit cheaper (but need the firmware to be changed) from Aliexpress (usually PiSwords is the recommended store).

    2. Technically yes, some positions are easier than others, and often having a helping hand is very beneficial (they can help by tenting the skin for you). It's not recommended though, and depending on your mental thresholds / access to numbing it could be difficult. For numbing, I'd recommend the Dangerous Things numbing gel if possible, or 5% Emla numbing / burn cream as a second choice. Leave it on for 2-3 hours ideally, covered by cling wrap / duct tape.

    Some links too:

    1. Not at all, I have 2 in position 0 (the webbing between thumb and index finger), and apart from the first few days of healing they have not affected my day to day life at all. Generally, after the first day the injection site closes over, and after month they're fully encapsulated. Obviously, if you put it somewhere weird / too close to bone etc. it could be somewhat uncomfortable in certain positions, but it's also likely to try to migrate to a better position (better for not moving around, potentially worse for reading though)

    Hope that helps!

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