Failed attempt at the finger

I kinda saw it coming that I would fail.
This was my 16:th implant, 15:th done myself and I felt this was the most questionable.
The finger, I don't know what ya call it, but its the "fyck you" one.
I prepared with emla cream and some rom.
I did noticed that my finger started getting all shrinkly, like when you shower or bath too long, by the cream and shrink wrap, but was unsure about the consequences.

Howerer, like you kinda would guess, I guess, when the time came to install the implant (a DT xSLX) failure was a reality.
When I inserted the needle, my skin was like marzipan, this needle was not going to get UNDER the skin, it was gonna SHAVE off all my skin.
Gave it two tries.

Of course, I felt stupid, I should have gone for a no anesthesia (but some alcohol) instead.
but still unsure if that would be a success, my finger is small.

I tried the "karate" placement, on the right hand, but after a try, unsure about pain and stuff in the way, so thought that if I already have failed, I might just put it in a "sure" place, the left leg, not let the chip go to waste.

Boom, put it in.

Feel sad now however, this was going to be one of my last DT implants until something new and awesome appear, now I feel I need one more, or I have truly failed.

Long story short, have anyone successfully installed a glass implant in one of their fingers?

Feel like a failure, looking at my finger, it has more or less gone back to normal, no shrinking, if only I had tried without the emla anestesia and just installed it without no "pain managment", maybe I would have had success?

I just don't know any other placement for a new implant, but maybe you have any ideas?



  • This was gonna be a nice evening, install a chip, some booze, then watch the latest The Expanse episode. Still gonna watch it, but I just feel like such a failure, that I need to try harder next time.

  • Fingertip installs are extremely tough without pain management, and damn near impossible as a self install. You had the right idea applying the emla patch and you made the right call stopping when you did. Don't beat yourself up about it, it happens to the best of us. At least you didn't end up in the ER.

    What was the use case for implanting an RFID tag in the fingertip? Just accessibility, or were you running out of room elsewhere?
  • Simply had run out of ideas for a meaningful location that I already used. Figured that it would be quick to scan my finger against the phone one handed.

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    have anyone successfully installed a glass implant in one of their fingers?

    Hey, im Mrln - i registered just to repy to you :D

    I managed to install a Xg3 in my finger about 5 Weeks ago.

    But my Fingers are just Big ass fingers!

    I wouldent recomend anyone to install a glass tube this big in a finger!

    just the idea sounds ridiculously stupid.

    I feel really sorry that your install didnt worked :/

  • I've done two. They are far too big for fingertips in lmho.
  • @Cassox said:
    I've done two. They are far too big for fingertips in lmho.

    You have done two installs in Fingers?

    Did any of them worked?

  • Ah, nice.
    Yeah, it was really "strange", I "powered up" for the install with a lot of Emla cream and rum (or vodka, don't remember), but when I was ready, when I tried to pierce the skin, it was like marzipan, like parmesan, I just shaved off skin.
    Maybe if I been more major dedicated, I could have got it in.
    But yeah, my plan to use the Emla cream with shrink wrap plastic, backfired majorly.

    Next time I'm gonna be more conservative with the Emla cream or patch.

    But yeah, maybe it simply impossible, I have quite tiny hands.

  • Maybe it worked so well because i pumped so much lidocaine inside that the finger was phisically swollen - more flesh volume to get the needle inside ;)

  • Yes. They were both people witharge hands. They healed up fine but no one was impressed by the results.
  • ah okay - do you know if they still have them in?

  • Yes. Both do.
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