Magnets and the weather - unexpected "superpower" haha

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I have a simple neodimium implant it's been about 3 or 4 years. When it feels kind of itchy (it's not like a bad sensation, but its there), I know it is going to rain that day. Maybe it sounds like bullshit but it's not, i have noticed it long ago and since then i observed carefully. I can affirm that this sensation and rain coincide. I've heard stories about people who have medical metal implants (like in broken bones) who experience sensations like light pain when its going to rain. So, I'd like to know if someone here noticed something like this.


  • Usually when my magnets have gotten itchy on a regular basis it means the encapsulation has been compromised and they're starting to corrode. Could be that before it rains your skin changes texture as you absorb moisture from the air, and you're more likely to notice the irritation from the gritty magnet surface. You have had it in for 4 years (which is a good while for one of these). What kind of coating does it have? TiN, parylene, silicone?
  • WOw that picture is scary! It is titanium coated indeed... I though this kind of corrosion should'n happen with titanium! Anyway, besides the itchy sensation, is there another hint that the magnet is corroding? Any color change in skin or such? Cause the only unexpected thing I can tell about my implant is this light itchy thing and only in this ocasions, nothing else. Not even significant magnet streighness loss, wich I know is a commom problem.

    (I hope I'm explaining myself properly, english is not my first language).

  • No worries, your English is very good. I'm sorry you have to adapt on account of our limitations.

    The Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated implants have been found to develop micro cracks on the surface (it's a ceramic coating). They do last a while if you take care, but they'll inevitably fail. This is not to be confused with truly Titanium encased magnets like Dangerous Things is attempting. Some community members like Cassox are continuing to experiment with multiple redundant coatings on top of the TiN, but we know that TiN by itself is not adequate.

    If the magnet had degraded to the point where it was falling apart, then you should expect some loss of field strength and redness/irritation at the install site. It's good that you caught it this early. If you let it go for a few more months you might damage that finger. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will want to get it removed in the next few weeks/months.

    Personally when I had that magnet in the picture above removed, I was able to have another magnet placed in the same spot immediately. That might not be a great idea though because it puts a lot of stress on that finger. Your call.
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