Questions about arm implantation of a VivoKey Spark 2

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I currently have two self installed implants (disclaimer: I do not recommend doing this and spent a lot of time doing background, anatomy, and safety research as well as consulting with a vet friend). In my left hand between the thumb and index finger, parallel to the 2nd metacarpal bone, I have a Dangerous Things NeXT chip. In my right hand in the same spot, I have a Dangerous Things xG3 injectable magnet implant. I have a VivoKey Spark 2 implant that I want to install, however the practical real estate in my hands has been basically used (not interested in top or blade of the hand at this time). I figured the left forearm, just past the wrist, on the "top" side of the arm would be the best place to practically put it. I have seen pics of a few arm implants done, but I am doing a lot more research on this one than the other two. There is virtually no info out there about putting implants in the arm, and I obviously want to do this as safely as possible. I have debated soliciting local, reputable tattoo and piercing shops for input, but I doubt they would even want entertain this idea, nonetheless give advice or service to do it.

Has anyone installed an implant in this or a similar location and can you give some input? I am open to suggestions.


  • Yeah, I can weigh in. I have a flexDF in that spot behind the wrist where a watch would conventionally sit. It's not a bad spot, lots of real estate compared to the hand so a spark should be no problem. As far as usability it's a good position for reading with a phone, a little more awkward for mounted readers.

    For the install I would make sure your artist (or you) massage the area thoroughly to locate any blood vessels. There's a few that converge around the wrist so for safety you will probably want to start away from your wrist at least 20% of the length of your forearm. In some people (including me) there's a vein that loops around the arm right near the spot you're suggesting (image attached). With a flex I get some irritation there in certain positions, but with a glass tag that shouldn't be an issue.
  • I have the spark 2 on the top of my left forearm. I picked a spot where I could still read it without having to remove my watch since I wanted to use it to unlock my phone. I've been having a mixed result with it. I've only gotten it to read sporadically and I don't know why yet. I do have a Doogee phone which doesn't have the best NFC antenna, so I need to test with another phone. Overall, I think I'll continue to test but as far as a location it was the least painful implant and a good choice overall.

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