My first implant

I’m going to let my friend implant a magnet in my finger we’re going to use topical anesthetic and aren’t going to do any stitching I a
Going to be making the insision aid like to hear from someone who’s done this before since neither my friend or I had (we have been researching for months but I’m anxious)


  • Oh, neat! What's the coating on the magnet?

    Mine have both been done with a piercing needle to do the incision and create a pocket in one move, but I hear there's more potential for damage if done that way. I didn't need any stitches, an ordinary bandage was sufficient. It seems fingertip installs require at most 1 stitch, but usually none.

    I can tell you that topical anesthetic is not going to provide full numbing, even if you occlude it from oxygen and leave it sit for 1hr. It doesn't penetrate deep enough, but it will help somewhat. My first install was done with no pain management. I'm not gonna lie, it was really tough, but the pain was brief.

    If you're going to use a scalpel I would imagine you'll need some kind of dermal elevator to separate the fascia. Cassox would have more advice on that front, if he's around.
  • @Satur9 I take it your magnet is from dangerous things? Just trying to gauge strength here, how many paper clips can you lift with that thing? Also, where did you choost to put them?

  • It's not a DT magnet, it's a 3mm x 6mm N52 parylene coated one I got from a body mod artist. Personally I hate the "paperclip test" but attached is a pic. I can lift approximately 28g of steel wire. I also have an xG3 in my tragus that can lift slightly less.

    It's much more valuable to use a field strength calculator based on the gauss rating and the dimensions of the magnet, like this one:
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