Printable Room Temp "tattoo" circuitry

Something interesting to share. By changing the circuit material to include a nanoparticle sintering layer (polyvinyl alcohol paste and calcium carbonate), researchers were able to print circuits and rudimentary sensors onto human skin as room temp. Good news is it works, they're still working on how to make sure a hot shower doesn't take it off. All the materials are recyclable, so maybe it would be a daily or weekly peel and stick replacement for the time being.

My thinking is that with existing micro-dermal anchors to hold the hardware and using this tattoo circuit to provide the sensory data, the future of wearables and implants might come together.


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    i see this being big in the medical field, imagine one sensor that could relay a ton of infomation, that would be nice, so many less wires covering the patients. there is similar applications i see already happening, one is an implantable blood sugar monitor for diabetics, they just wave their phone infront of it to get a reading

  • Since this thread has been revived I'll throw in some more recent info.

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