is this good ?

Hello, I'm new here, and I'm a bit of a noob. My English is awful, sorry.

I know that RFID and silicone implant were a thing, but it seems to fare for me. I just recently discovered about magnet implant, and this seems really cool.

So I started to do recherché about it, and I think I now enough to get started.

Sadly, I live in France, and this kind of thing isn't known by a lot of people, and I couldn't manage to find a tattoo shop that would agree to do it.

When you're dealing with magnet in your hand, the most important thing surly is security, I have anything I could need to perform the operation, and friend agree to help me, but I don't have any magnet.

They cost a lot, and I can't afford one of the most well known magnet.

I find this one, which seem to be ok, with the good coating material and everything, but they still say that you soudn't use it in your body:
"Disclaimer: These catalog parts are not intended for medical use or internal use in the body as they may not have been subjected to the testing requirements necessary. Please consult a medical professional before considering that application."

This surely is a disclaimer here to prevent them for having to deal with the costumer if something when bad. but i waned your opinion?

Is it ok ??

i won't buy something dangerous, and if you think that i soudnt use it, I won't, but it ise the only thing i can afford for the moment...

thank's a lot for your responce!
and sorry agan for my writing



  • from what i have seen here: do not use the super magnet man magnets for implanting. the coatings are not consistant and often have pinholes. I know Cassox is working on a batch of magnets and I would DM him for a price.
  • the magnets Cassox is making will go up on
  • ok, thank a lot, i'll check his

  • do you now when they will be available ?

  • Honestly, they're ready but I'm a tad obsessive. In fact, I have like 6 orders right now in my bag ready to ship.. but I almost can't bring myself to do it. The newer ones are coming out aesthetically perfect. I should have already listed them.
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