Tehachapi implant and startup help

I'm looking at getting the package deal from dangerous things. I live in Bakersfield and I was hoping that there was a place/ group / person in Tehachapi who's experienced and willing to help get me started with the NExT chip and xG3 injectable magnet. I have a proxmark and I have no idea how to use it yet. I'm willing to compensate for your time.



  • Yep. Can do. PM me. We don't charge for procedures. Come up and bbq and celebrate becoming a cyborg. Lol.
  • wowsers! I've been eyeballing a lot of things from the DT side and heard about Cassox from the awesome folks there. I'm up further in San Jose, but have been looking around for an installer and so far Tehachapi seems to be the best place to head towards. Will have to send you a PM as well :)

  • Totally! Yeah, we periodically have open labs and whatnot. We teach the procedural intensive once a year at least and our working on a lot of other cool projects. Of course, pandemic. :(
    While I'd love to have a huge bash like.. now.. I also work in an ER and I can tell you that Sars-Cov2 is no joke. I've seen at least 4 people with no co-morbities in their 40's die. I know you didn't come to this thread to be lectured at. lol. But wear masks and wash your hands people. Please?

  • As an EMT I second that. The first thing I was ever taught was BSI, scene safe. It only takes a second to take reasonable precautions so we can bio hack for years to come.
  • Just wanted to give an update. Cassox did my implants and I wanted to say Thank you. It was a great experience! Very professional and clean even though he's doing an extensive retrofit and I can't wait to do my next set with him as well.

    Next step is to start testing what I can do with these!

  • Thank you! I look forward to having you up again. I'll be in contact.

  • that's some awesome news! i sent you an email as requested @Cassox , but no worries if you're busy and stuff. lots of things happening in the real world after all.

    @ttrammell79 looking forward to seeing what you have planned now that you're a cyborg! :) congrats!

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