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I have been doing a lot of research on biohacking from the basic vitamins stuff to the implant of magnets and other mechanical stuff, but I feel like I'm hitting roadblocks in gathering information on most topic, then I found an e-book called
Getting to know the magnet inside you.: A guide to magnetic implants by Axel Fougues, that gave me a lot of answers to some things.
so here's my question is there anyone out there that has some good e-books on biohacking more on the implant side as that's what I find most interesting.

if anyone else wanna check out Axel Fougues e-book here's a link were you can get it


  • Hmmm. I might just not be involved in that side of it, but I haven't seen many books about the topic. Biohacking has really come into it's own in the information age, so most people share info over solely internet channels. There's plenty of books on Transhumanism, but they seem to be more focused on the philosophical implications of upgrading humans, rather than being hands-on guides like you're looking for.

    If you like e-books you could try podcasts. Ryan O'Shea runs a good one called FutureGrind. Otherwise I would recommend you peruse the forum. There's a ton of good information on here.
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