Sorry and tried hard

Hii all,

A while back, a long while back (4 years I guess?) I turned to this forum with the intention to fix my life. I tried my best to fit in but I guess after one post I already failed. I wanted to come back to prove my worth to the community and other people, and checked the forum many times. I turned to the spiritual for help (not religion or internet or conspiracy, really just the bare tools and figure it out) and tried to find a way to fix my autism. I tried to think myself out of this situation really hard. However I always wanted to grow towards the usage of “real tools” and not be stuck in some kind of story.

I am very much sorry for that I couldn’t make it and my first and latest (before this one) thread. I have not given up, however things have to move forward. My life is changing pretty much and got my mind working a bit better.

So what I have solved: my autism created a lot of internal noise so to say. I found a simple trick to just relieve it a bit by learning to see thoughts as functions I can use to command my mind, instead of seeing thoughts as truths or stories. I command my brain to do this or that and it works pretty much. I also learned intention setting, which focusses my mind to do something. I learned a way to learn myself lessons seemingly out of my subconscious (it’s a bit like making stuff flow), I have learned that I can trigger moments of consciousness that trigger insights.

Last two things I learned were letting consciousness or awareness or thoughts whatever you call it “flow” and thereby I learned more practical skills I think.

I’m still pretty much stuck, but all I can give back are these insights I found. If you have any questions, please ask. I must say however, that it is difficult to determine how I got here and how it could help others. Maybe some feedback on that last one?

I have problems with fitting into the rational thinking of other people sometimes, mostly because of my autism. I’m currently working really hard on this. “Speaking multiple neurological langauges” might be considered a goal (excuse me for my English, I didn’t know what to say or what to call it. I guess it’s understandable).

Anyway, I felt for a long time that I had to come back to this community. Hope you guys find something useful from me. Then maybe, I could move further too.

Also, if you have any feedback please share. Neutropics I mentioned to my psychiatrist, but he told me it might be harmful to me.




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  • This is a very accepting comminuted and I'm sorry for your experience. This is a modality which makes it difficult for some people and Im sure I was probably one of the people involved.
    There a few things that I personally care about. I do use the "report this" button rather savagely.. buts that's because it usually starts a conversation with a few mods who's judgement I trust. Sometimes the response is like, Case? Seriously? What do you want me to do? Lol.

    We also have an accessibility thread going at least in the slack and there have been some great recent presentations on the topic. So, I almost feel like this is good. I don't think anyone intended to make you feel unwelcome exactly. But, as a community, we really strive to be safe and responsible..
    So when a person starts using alternative forms of reasoning, such as auras or chakra.. souls and God's and the like? No. We can't really use that type of reasoning here. It may lead to greater truths, yes. But, it's not a type of reasoning which would lead you through a design from start to finish including placement. For this, we use science. That doesn't mean we are all atheists or anything like that. It's just that you have to use the proper tool for the job.

    Another big thing which can make a person unwelcome is advocating taking unnecessary risks. Sure, you might be able to do an implant with a broken bottle.. That doesn't make you cool. We are risk takers yes. But only risks which we have carefully weighed and done everything in our power to ameliorate.

    The third thing is big huge claims without evidence. This can be people saying they are government built cyborgs who are being hacked... Or people trying to hock products. I would love the community to eventually be an Etsy of crazy tech.. but when someone comes in saying, hey I've got 100 biocompatible yaddah yaddah for sale.. and I don't know you.. and your claims don't match you with what I know to be possible? Yeah....
  • Can you please tell us more of your experience?
  • Heyy, I totally get your post.

    I indeed started out about chakra’s in that post. I am on another forum, a spiritual one, where this kind of language does fit it’s purpose. A lot of experience there too on things. Chakra’s can be used as a tool, also in communication. However this is not the place for that. I will need to find my way into this community because I have autism. On that forum for spirituality, I had some long term difficulties too. Costed me years to now finally be a productive part. Even though that was not the center of my intentions. I of course only did that because I had a lot to win there. Now I have a lot to win here too I believe. I myself have built a lot of mental tools due to spiritual frameworks which I want to apply on making my life better.

    An example, to show a bit of my unorganized experience, is this: I had a long time where I did not fit in anywhere. This due to my autism. Now I did something about that that might sound rather obvious, but for some people it just isn’t and I’m really glad I did it. I turned to face myself in the mirror and asked myself “what if I had to hang out with you (myself)?”. And what I did then was imagining myself out of my body standing there in two positions facing myself, and just trying very forcefully and powerfully to “hang out” with myself on an energy level. This improved my life a lot. Not at once, it costed many more experiences. However it’s centimeter work. You don’t go whole steps at first. You can’t.

    I have a tool for most moments. Facing myself was one and turned into a tool to hang out with myself in various scenarios and accepting myself in them.

    Another tool I often use which is more freshly developed, is forcing insights. And making them flow. You know spiritual people talking about letting light flow through your body and that it would be healing? That didn’t work AT ALL. I needed something else. So at some point I developed the ability to force insights and making them “flow” through me. This was a huge improvement, since now I can do a lot more and since then it had evolved.

    Communication with myself is my most important foundation. I communicate to myself in commands, and rarely in stories (even though I have those thoughts). I treat my brain mostly as a command line, without unnecessary formality.

    Okay, I hope people can filter well here. I didn’t take out all the spiritual stuff. Since a lot of my experience is based on that. Sorry about that and please give me feedback on that. I also have difficulties with analytical thought. I’m quite analytical and rational, but last years I’ve developed in different areas which required different things. I hope I can gain more and train more of myself regarding to dense information based on rational or analytical methods such as science. I’m also interested in IT, linux mostly. However even though I’m not new to these things, it might cost a while. I will try my best. And biohacking is my favorite. Even though to me it’s mostly self taught ways to cope better with life mentally.

    Was this alright enough? I really did my best honestly.
  • What is this accessibility thread about? Is it something in my case?
  • And where do discussions like these fit here? Gusss it kinda relates to lifestyle and or mental techniques to improve relationships and widen understanding of life using mental techniques (could be related to the mind palace I think)
  • the accessibility thread is about making the world more accessible to people who are disabled or hadicapped. your case has not been brought up, the discussion has been much more general.
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