US Lidocaine source?

Where to buy 2% lidocaine injection?
I plan to do another finger implant and would prefer to avoid the pain this time.

Does topical work for fingers? If so where do I buy that


  • Dangerous Things has a kit, the PMK. Its a bit pricy to buy for every install, but it's got everything you need. I'd strongly encourage you to review local laws and regulations as well as the proper procedure for lido injection. An alternate option is to buy the strongest lido only cream from CVS, Walgreens etc. It will probably take 1+ hours to fully numb if it's kept contained in saran wrap or a glove. At the end of the day we can't advise anything medically related. I can tell you my opinion and my experience, but again, I advise nothing. You can check my lido test thread as well.
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