Are people still active on here?

From what i've noticed not many people post anymore. Maybe im just blind idk. but are people still active on here?

Also is there anywhere else i could go and learn more and get resources and discuss this type of stuff?


  • I know right? Lol. Ok, so what I've noticed is that it depends on the time of year. Usually in the summer it's dead. I always thought it was because that's when all the conventions etc are but I guess not.
  • hmm. thats a little disapointing, i wish our community had a dedicated app, i may look into making one, it would be nice to be able to talk to people about this stuff since where i live people are usually adverse to this stuff and the people who are open to it arent actually interested they just dont care.

  • I'm always around, but don't post much. I guess people are busy surviving the pandemic and not biohacking, but who knows.
  • i suppose so, the pandemic has been tough on everyone, i couldn't even get unemployment so i understand how it is. Hope it ends soon but i live in the US so it wont for a while.

  • I am actually thinking about a project... maybe it could be somewhat interesting for the fellow cyborgs out there. I might open a new topic about it in a few weeks to keep you updated about the development.

  • A lot of lack of activity might just be because a lot of topics are already totally discussed with very little more to explore so this place acts as kind of a repository.

  • Lol. I don't think that's it at all. A few members are in the midst of trialing a vaccine for Sars Cov2. The Northstar 2, pegleg 2, embedivet, milktooth, and a number of flex implants are all nearly complete. Nah dude. It's that people are too busy.
  • Oh yeah. Spider silk is now being grownn vats. Silkworms are being grown on fucking buckyballs and hydroxyapetite. We watch them while snorting antidiuretic hormones and racing giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches with electrodes attached to their antennae. Dude, I don't think that's the issue. Lol.
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