3D Print Magnet Coatings?

I wanted to see if anyone here has an opinion on 3d printing a coating for some magnets.
I saw formlabs has these dental biocompatible resins for sla printing. These printers can reach ridiculous quality, but maybe it would be better to 3d print a casing for the magnet then dip the whole thing in resin then cure? I'm still quite new to this biohacking thing, but this does seem like a viable option to me.


Anyone with experience with sla printing or resin coatings that has an opinion on this?


  • I've played with a ton of resins. I've used the Formlab 2 formulation. It holds up ok... The dipping thing doesn't really work though. Its not designed for bulk polymerization. There are ways to make it work of course.. I've found that coating your final piece in mineral oil really helps it cure.. I assume it doesn't polymerize exposed to air. I'm not sure if formulation 3 would work as well but I don't see why not. It was a path I was heading down.. you know light curing opens up so much possibility in quick and easy prototyping.
  • So I was thinking about this. It would be great to be able to print around the magnet. There's potential in acoustic levitation, but it would require a lot of work. There's also the possibility of printing in super viscous resin that holds the magnet in 1 spot. Idk though.
  • You could use an SLA resin printer or even a cheap DLP. You cure a small resin disc to form the bottom of the coating, stop the print, embed the magnet in that cured bottom piece (possibly need a biosafe adhesive) continue the print and finish the coating. The biggest hurdle would be whether the resins are long term biosafe.
  • Formlabs has some great biocompatible resins! God I want a Formlab 3 so bad.
  • One of my concerns is that the resin is too brittle or too easily damageable.
    I'm a little worried that the coating could break. How durable is the resin?

  • Well, it's a valid concern. That's an issue with PMMA. It's not especially brittle.. but it's brittle enough. It's ok in terms of durability.. could be better. There are other materials which are stronger for sure. Polycarbonate for example is pretty awesome. But youre not going to find a resin form of it I bet.. and if you did it wouldn't be biocomp.
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