Looking for experienced grinders to interview for academic paper!

Hello! I am a long-time lurker, first time poster showing up to ask if anyone would be interested in being interviewed for a paper I'm writing about the history and current ideological state-of-play in the broad grinder community. I've already interviewed Liviu Babitz (guy currently in charge of Cyborg Nest), Moon Ribas (of earthquake-sense fame and an original founder of Cyborg Nest along with her partner, Neil Harbisson), and Zoltan Istvan ("Transhumanism Party" and Libertarian candidate for higher office federally and in California, respectively). While I of course hold various opinions of all these figures, the point of this paper is more to try and chart a sort of political compass of the biohacking community, which is itself highly varied and contains many motivations.

The main component my current set of interviews is missing is folks who have actually done the work of experimenting, pushing the boundaries, and adding open-source knowledge to this lovely compendium we are communicating on at this moment. If you'd like to be interviewed, please let me know here or email me, PM me, at the address provided in my profile. Everyone is welcome, though it would be especially fantastic to talk to some long-time mods here and/or folks who run labs. I know there is some overlap in those categories :)

If you have any thoughts about my project and especially the political context of what goes on here and in the transhumanist and generalized biohacking communities, absolutely feel free to share them here or in a message to me.

I'm targeting academic journals for publication of this study. All interviews will ideally be transcribed, but if you'd rather me not publish the transcripts that is fine by me. I will also note that I might try to get an org like Wired magazine to publish, but that's clearly a long shot.

cheers and good health,


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