NGF to create alternative implant location?

Hear me out biohackers. I'll try to make this quick and concise - I know fingertips are prime real estate for sensing magnets as they are extremely sensitive and are easily moved around to feel magnetic fields as desired. This is a great status quo and for most end users I have no issue with this.

Here's the problem - I'm very, VERY hard on my hands. I've already had two implants fail, one was an M31 which might have just been faulty and the other was a fine effort from Cassox that simply couldn't handle the stress I place on myself. I work a tough day job followed by heavy weight lifting and my recreation similarly includes activities that would put my fingertips at risk (insert dirty jokes here).

I miss having a magnet in, I've given up on the idea because failure seems inevitable until someone can perfect a tough metal coating process and all the names trying to advance the idea appear to agree that won't happen in the foreseeable future.

As an alternative, I wonder if NGF can be site injected elsewhere to produce a small but sensitive are sufficient for magnetic sense. I've done some studying but as to not muddy the waters I'll leave the post at this and I ask for your opinions on this or possible other ideas you might have. Anyone?

Edit - And I went and posted this into possibly the wrong forum by accident, I apologize. This was meant to go into the magnets category.


  • I think Cassox is addressing this issue in the "This is what the new magnets are going to look like custom bionics." Basically he is working on making sorta magnet arrays so that there it a higher surface area to compensate for lower nerve density. Im pretty sure that is an accurate representation of his project, but I would go read that thread if I were you.

  • I have experience with NGF. Right ring finger. Fucking platypus's. I definitely had greater overall sensation in that finger for about two years. Especially to painfully stimuli but pretty much all sensation.
  • If you're interested in this project, I would look into tests regarding sensitivity. Like, I was playing with two point descrimination etc. One person's subjective claim doesn't mean anything. Mine included.
  • Many many people get magnets placed on other locations and report great sensation. Such as the blade of the hand. And really, it doesn't take a special magnet. I am working to make some really cool ones that should work better there.. but a Haworth would work just fine.
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    I've read that site injecting will make that area rather unpleasant for some time, many describe what sounds like almost a burning/tingling sensation. And I'm definitely keeping up with your patterned designs with interest and will continue to do so and they also seem a possible solution. I know NGF is spendy but I'd consider it worth it, many consider magnetic sense a novelty and I guess I do too but I feel like something is missing without it.

    I worry about my hand in general, thinking about the blade area - I assume you mean the edge between the pinky and palm - it seems like I hammer fist things into place real quickly with it too often for that area to be viable. I'd similarly considered the the top of my forearm just behind the wrist, not sure muscle movement there could cause a problem? Most other areas I can think of that are sensitive seem like they'd be a little awkward to wave around trying to feel a field out haha.

    Thank you for the input so far!

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