Results from Topical Lidocaine Test

I've copied over my post from the Dangerous Things forum.

So I don't like pain. I do however like my implants. That creates quite a conundrum for me. I don't live close enough to any other Biohackers to just run over for a procedure and I haven't had luck with the local piercers. I also don't have enough pocket change to buy multiple PMK's, so I am currently trying to figure out a way to numb myself with easily acquired materials.

**The Project**
I bought a some Lidocaine HCl powder off of the internet. It's not sterile and I don't have access to an autoclave so I had to make do. I'm not going to link to the site that I ordered from in hope of harm reduction. I don't want anyone injecting themselves with this stuff.

I needed an application method and decided on a spray. Easily dosed and easy to mix. I found a small spray bottle and filled it with 20ml of 70% Isopropyl alcohol. After weighing it and spraying I found it to spray a reliable .15ml. The advised dose of topical lidocaine is 2mg/lb. I decided on a 50mg/spray dose. I added 5.88g of lidocaine to 20ml of isopropyl alcohol and mixed for about 5 minutes. I got worried that I had passed maximum solubility, but luckily it all dissolved.


I applied 1 dose (50mg) to the back of my left hand and let it sit. After 30 minutes there was no perceivable change.

Next I applied 3 doses (150mg) to the same spot about 2 hours later. After 30 minutes, no perceivable change

I then applied 3 doses to the same hand 3 hours later and put a glove on to try to keep it contained for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, no perceivable change. I kept the glove on for another 30 and still, no change.


I am continuing with testing and have a few more ideas. One is to suspend the lidocaine in vaseline, or something that doesn't dry so quickly. I still need to try higher doses as well. Additionally I am going to look into DMSO, but am a little concerned about some of the repercussions.

Anyways, I hope to be back soon with more data!


  • Hey moonman. I've played with similar ideas. The best results I got were using DMSO and Iontophoresis. You definitely can't let it dry out. Of course, it wasn't while I was in the US. Here.. there's always the potential for legal issues.

    There is a product used on kids called EMLA cream. The thing is.. you really need to keep the site wet for 2 hours or so to make it effective.
  • Also.. since we're discussing Lidocaine.. who here is in a country where you can purchase it OTC? Also, do people end up hurting themselves using it? Has anyone experience Mal effects from lidocaine?
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