Virtual reality and biomimetics, can generate a tool that helps cancer patients?

I had proposal that consist in to use virtual reality lenses to put realistic natural landscapes with movement and sound, (not static images) so that while people are under treatment, they can use these devices, and help their allotic load level decrease. Could you tell me your comments about this project, please?


  • i have no experience with cancer and very little with VR. However, I do know for a fact that the tech for non-static and realistic VR worlds is 100% a reality. I guess are you asking if the VR experiece could be taylored to decrease the allotic load?
    Im not exactly sure what allotic load is, but it seems to be related to stress. if that is the case, VR is very capable of creating a stress releiving environment.
    To my knowlege the current best VR experience would be Half Life:Alyx (very good chance that is no longer the case) which is probably not good for releiving stress, but it's a matter of time before those tools make there way into much more soothing experiences.
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