Possible sources of income?

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In the short term, it would be nice to have some method of generating money for mods.  In the long term, have any of you though of setting up clinics for implants and other mods?    


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    Yes.  Creating clinics is very tricky legally.  I have a background in international business & finance, and know a bit about business law.  I'll shoot you an email detailing some of the things that I have been approached about that could be very lucrative.
  • Gawd, I was hoping we'd get so far gone using our personal finances that we would become minor celebrities worth interviewing
  • I have had quite a few emails asking about setting up a clinic.  I'm just going to answer it here.

    There are huge legal issues in the US and Western Europe as we all know.  The medical community is a fickle beast as well.  If someone wanted to set up a clinic and bullet proof themselves legally, you would need to be located in a country that freely allows you to do weird shit to people.  Then you fly people out to your location, hack them up, and send them home.  "Medical tourism" is the term for this kind of thing.  Lots of people do it now for tit installations, dentistry, and other cosmetic mods.  They advertise on the internet, and make big bucks.  Medical tourism for cybernetics and gene mods (especially gene doping) would be a big hit.  We need more products though.

    The other option is a black market operation.  I know a local guy who was a dermatologist until he lost his license for passing out drunk during a procedure.  He was going through an ugly divorce at the time, fighting alcoholism, blah blah blah....He still makes money with his skill set servicing illegal aliens in the community as well as uninsured people who happen to know what he does.  He removed a cyst for me for $40 and did good work.  He knows a bone doctor, and a dentist, all in the same situation.  They send each other referals.  They might make more now than they did when they were licensed.  They have certain protocols they follow to lower their risk of getting caught.  Anyway, if you ever encounter an ex-neurosurgeon...let me know.
  • @DoctorX - check your e-mail
  • There are other sideline operations to consider. Good How-To/Instructional manuals/videos? Merch? Arduino-esque kits assembled. Hosting underground modding parties?
  • I've had my hopes for Medical Tourism for a while now.  As I understand it, Malaysia is one of the best places for sex change operations.  As we map out/design more of the these body mods, build the kits etc, I can't see it being too hard to convince these clinics to perform the more complicated surgeries required to implant them.  Hell, I'll go over there myself and pitch it to them, if need be.  It's tourism, they like money.

    For the simpler, current mods.. a combo of Kinect hack & instructional video sounds ideal to me.
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    @doingitwrong and @m1k3y - I think those are good ideas as well
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    @DirectorX Do you know of countries that let you do weird shit to people?

    @doingitwrong Is there a market for grinder merch? I have a friend who does factory screenprinting, might be worth looking into. Who here wants to buy a shirt?

    How do BDSM parties cover their liability if they're inflicting pain on another individual? Can you consent to that legally?
  • Yes.  China, most of Southeast Asia.  I can get anything done in China.  Macau is easier to navigate politically.
  • I imagine that our day jobs would cover most, but medical tourism's certainly possible for some of us more confident that we wouldn't accidentally fuck someone else up and without careers to fuck up when caught.
  • ^ Yeah, and if our site gets too large, we also become prone to spammers, like this.

    I sincerely doubt that all these spam attacks are from different places; is there a way that we can try banning the IP address that these are coming from?  This is kind of getting ridiculous.

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