A thing i noticed with magnetic implants.

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On 09.02.20, I implanted the xg3 magnet on myself.

It is my first implant so I red a lot of things about doing such a procedure on yourself before implanting it.

A thing I didn't read but I think is important to notice,

BE AWARE of metal dust!!! In the first weeks.
Metal dust can get easily into your wound.


Picture of my, I think well healed implant side
You can see a small scar (marked)

Unlike other people, I can feel magnetic fields, but only strong ones :)


  • I'm thinking about implanting the xg3. If I understood you correctly, are you speculating the sensation coming from the xg3 may be weaker than regular coated N52 magnet implanted at finger tip?
  • This is a well documented issue with the xG3. It is more of a "lifting" magnet than a "sensing" one. Because the amount of n52 magnet material is so large, it has a relatively large/strong field for an implant magnet. It also has a lot of mass though, and the added mass of the magnetically inactive glass coating doesn't help. The large mass makes it difficult for external fields to vibrate the magnet and create sensations. The size also presents hurdles for many people who can't fit it in a fingertip.
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