Magnetic implant sorta yes sorta not healing.

So, about a week ago I implanted a magnet into my finger. the problem is, that it has sorta healed on one side, but not really on the other. and you may be wondering "how is that possible?" Well, truth is, I kinda screwed up when cutting the opening, instead of cutting a straight line, I accidentally went through and made a V shape. one side of the V has healed almost too well, but the other hasn't really wanted to play nicely. It's the same effect you get when you try to wrap a sphere with a piece of paper. one side sorta bows out, and opens the wound. I've been trying to close it with a small piece of gauze stretched over it, But not much has helped. And no, I didn't make this discussion so that you guys could laugh at me, so please, I would appreciate it if yall were helpful rather than anything else. Thanks.


  • Hmmm. Do you have a pic?
  • How was it closed? Suture? The bottom line is that if you are concerned you should seek medical attention. Also, what kind of aftercare are you performing?
  • So, when a person is having issues with healing the answer is almost always... Pull out the foreign body. If you end up with an infection in the area it unlikely you'll be able to control it at your stage of healing. It acts like a reservoir. Many people choose to remove the magnet and let it heal up for six months before trying again.
  • nonono, It's all fine, I'm not worried. all I did was press it closed. no sutures, no nothing. sterile everything. i just don't know how to properly get it to heal.

  • i check on it every other day, and put disinfectant on it (outside of the wound, not on the cut itself)

  • one more thing: its pretty bruised up, I don't exactly know why? maybe my scalpel wasn't sharp enough, but regardless, if you REALLY want a pic I can show ya

  • nvm it sealed

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