Kombucha Modification

I have been culturing kombucha for a bit now and I would like to get into genetic engineering/modification, so I was thinking a good place to start could be to make glowing kombucha. I was thinking I would do it in a similar way to how The Thought Emporium made glowing mead/beer/wine. I guess my question is, should the process/DNA shown for those yeasts be directly transferable to kombucha?

My main reason for asking this is that kombucha is a symbioses of yeast and bacteria, so I am thinking I might have to separate the yeast and the bacteria in order to modify them. Also, I do not know which species of yeasts and bacteria are in my particular kombucha, would it be necessary to figure that out in order find the right DNA for this edit, or is it enough to know that I have yeast and bacteria?

If anyone has any input that would be very helpful.


  • Awesome. I'm Cass. I run a lab space in SoCal. A guy I'm working with, Frazier, is like the Kombucha Guru. We've done a bunch of work trying to get optimal growth and we've been working on using them as a potential source of textiles. You should get a hold of Frazier for sure.
  • Ahh perfect, thanks! Where would I get ahold of him? Should I dm him here?
  • I think that I am going to attempt to modify bakers yeast and add that too the kombucha... does that sound plausible at all? Would this make it dangerous to consume if it works?
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    Well, that completely depends on how you "modify" it. If you tweak it to produce cyanide instead of carbon dioxide, then you're going to encounter some issues.

    In that case, you may indeed be slaughtered by bubbles.
  • xD, that would be a dream come true!!
    But no, i was just thinking I would modify the yeast to glow and then if I could culture it in the kombucha it would make the kombucha glow. If anyone has some insite on how I would go about making the yeast or bacteria already in the Kombucha glow, I think that might be easier, but i just wanted to start with something and there are videos on making glowing yeast.
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    Sounds interesting! Did you get any good results?

  • I’d like to get more into this topic. I have a special project of my own, and it hasn’t been easy finding information.
  • oof, been a bit since ive been on here. i have not done this project yet, still really want to but i don't have the equipment or the space to do it.

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