Dakin's Solution - A DIY antiseptic from 1916

The main idea of this discussion is tho give all of you another option of an antiseptic to use and make.
Also this is my first post as long time lurker, if you have any advice let me please know.


Dakin's solution was developed by the british chemist Henry Drysdale Dakin during WW1 .
He was searching for an antiseptic that wouldn't damage/irritate the skin as bad as the chemicals used to that time.
If you are interested you can read the wikipedia article here :


How to:

For legal reasons and the fact that you could hurt/injure yourself doing this I will only provide the link to an article uploaded by https://www.itstactical.com/ and possible written by the Ohio State University :



  • Do you have a purpose for dakins You're looking for? Dakins is still in common use. It's used in wound care.
  • Ok, well the wiki article isn't great regarding Dakins. It was developed for use on skin. It's meant to kill pathogens while leaving tissue in a healing wound undamaged. Now it's almost exclusively used in chronic wound care. This isn't antiseptic as in something to clean your hands or your table. If you have bleach anyways, you can make a 1:10 solution which will effectively sanitize.
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