I put a magnet implant in my finger around a month and a half ago and I'm still struggling to get the wound closed. Ive tried everything from the "new skin" glue, to butterfly closures, to just a band aid, ive tried tightening it more and less, and just tonight, I took the magnet out and cleaned the "hole" where the skin is supposed to wrap around it. I just put butterfly closures on it again, but this time, tightened it to where the two skin halves would hopefully not be able to spread apart.

When I first did the implant, I used the pain management kit from dangerous things, the haworth magnet, and other medical supplies from Wal-Mart. It seemed like I put it in pretty well, because it seemed to be trying to heal up quickly, as I put it into the fatty subcutanius layer as (I think) I'm supposed to. But the outer skin turned white and after around 3 weeks it finally came off, exposing an under layer of all new skin growing around the magnet. I had seen another post where someone else's skin did that, but it worked out for them so I figured I would keep at it.

I had been changing the bandage every two or three days, so I can keep it clean, but it doesnt seem to be getting any better. There was brownish yellow liquid that came out of it once, or twice, but literally all of my oiercings have gotten infected at one point while healing and they have all healed fine, so I thought that was just my bodies way of dealing with a foreign material. But anyway, I need some help, I really don't want to have to take it out and wait for it to heal for another 2 months and have a big hole in my finger, but Idk what to do.


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    It sounds like you didn't make your pocket big enough and the tension around the skin flap is keeping it from closing up. If I'm reading this correctly, you installed it 6 weeks ago and you still have an open wound. That is bad, like very bad.

    I'm sure others will have an opinion, but my advice would be that you take it out, clean it, let it heal, and try again in a different spot. This time make sure you have a big enough pocket for the magnet, or if you're not comfortable doing it yourself, find an installer who can do the work for you. Working one handed is hard, so there's no shame in needing help.

    Edit: You may also want to use sutures next time, glue and butterflies don't hold shut when you have so much tension so you'll typically have less scarring and better recovery with sutures. The fact you didn't suture the wound shut may be been part your problem to be honest. Now that you've had it in for so long, I still don't think I would risk closing it with the magnet in, but I'm not as adventurous as some, so take that as you will.

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    I agree with Ironalex. Remove it, clean it, and try again.

    Just to add my experiences from two installs. I had an body mod artist do the install (which I highly recommend). He used a piercing needle bevel up and went pretty deep. Then he just popped the magnet in and I used a regular bandage for 5 days (no sutures). This is probably not the best method because of the risk of damage to the internal bits of your finger, but it definitely got the magnets way up in there such that I didn't have major concerns about failure
  • I have a similar problem, within the first week and a half it was open, and just recently closed, but the skin is still sorta bruised, and in some places clear/transparent. any ideas?

  • If it is clear and transparent, that means there's no blood flow and that tissue is more than likely dead. Not a good thing. Obviously, some whiteness and bruises are to be expected, as you're severing capillaries and arterioles in the tissue, so you'll have some slight internal bleeding which will lead to bruising. And until the capillaries and arterioles heal, whatever tissue is downstream of them will whiten. But if it is still bruised, and the tissue still hasn't turned skin color again, the tissue is just dead.

    Could be that the pocket wasn't deep enough so when you cut the pocket, you severed dermal tissue from the majority of its subdermal connections (including nerves and blood vessels), so with something in between, like a magnet, it can't heal and has died. I've never had an issue with tissue dying, and I think that is because I implant on the deeper side - the shallower the implant pocket, the more likely it'll reject and/or the tissue above it won't heal and it'll die, eventually leading to the magnet getting rejected.

    Also, I don't have much experience with other people's bodies, but a week and a half of an open wound sounds like something went wrong. My magnet implants almost exclusively close within 24 to 48 hours, if not less sometimes.

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