Biohacking for females

I need some guidance on how to start my journey. Sponsorship needed. Willing to use my body for science. Help.


  • Read an article about Bluetooth devices being implanted. Read Elon Musk article that inspired me to explore a better life.
  • every time someone refers to women as “females” my brain can’t pay attention to the rest of what they are saying because it gets stuck on this image
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    seriously though, what are you asking? it’s unclear what the “biohacking for females” has to do with the rest of what you’ve said.
  • First you should pick something that's of interest for you (like are you interested in magnetic implants or in electronics or whatever). Then you should get into the topic, do a lot of reading on each and everything related to your interests. And once you got a basic idea of what you want to do we can help you by answering your questions.

    This is no school of any kind. There is no guidance, no pre-walked path to follow and most likely no sponsorship. Biohacking (right now) is about educating yourself and evaluating/minimizing the risks you need to take to reach your goals.

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