Camera inside fingertip

Hello everyone, 
I have a question about some guy who has a camera module inside his finger.
Recently there was an event called campus party in Berlin and there was a cyborg who is colorblind and has a camera attached to his head that he uses to translates color into sound. Soon this camera, or at least the base of it, will be attached to his skull-bone.
I try to find a video of his talk in english, so far I could only find it in spanish (I think it's spanish):

In the english version I attended he showed a picture of someone having a camera in his finger and distinguishing him from being a cyborg since there was no "implant - brain interaction". Since that, I've been looking for more information about that camera, but couldn't find anything, so I'm asking you guys: Does anyone know anything about this?
Greetz Ben

Edit: here is a TED talk done by Neil Harbisson:


  • For what it's worth, yes; that talk's definitely in Spanish.  I can understand it well enough, so I'll watch it later, and see if the camera guy is mentioned on there.
  • I didn't see the camera guy mentioned anywhere in the Spanish talk.
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