sensing with the xG3???

i have seen many people say that the xG3 was not good for sensing anything. but ive also seen stories about people getting the xG3 and being able to sense EM fields etc with it. what is your experience with sensing with the xG3? also, if you've been able to sense with it, and have had the older sensing magnets in the past, whats its sensing capabilities of the xG3 like compared to the old sensing magnets in your experience?


  • i am guessing this topic has been covered already?

  • Depends of placement I assume, I have one that is about 60% as effective at sensing compared to the M31 that I had for a couple years.I have one in a different location that doesn’t sense a thing.
  • @actii where they were implanted?

  • Below my thumb and below my pinky, the pinky side is much better at sensing. It was a much less traumatic procedure though
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