what about n52 powder in a bio-safe plastic capsule?

the basic idea being to obtain or create a powder from an n52 magnet, place it into a tiny bio safe plastic capsule and implant it in your chosen location? how well do you think that would perform as a sensing device?


  • I don't think it would really work. So, when you break a magnet, each piece retains the field polarity. So a dust would have each potential magnetic moment pointed in different directions.
  • My question would be what would you gain by having it in powder form? I feel like it would make it more difficult to contain.

  • I'd assume just looking to innovate. I mean if it worked it would likely be a different sensation etc. I've thought about trying to incorporate ferrofluid for the same reason.. it's really a what if.
  • Fair enough. It would be really interesting to create a thin flexible magnetic sheet. I mean if the magnetic powder is touching the field should align so to me that would be an interesting thing to try out. I'm not sure if you would feel anything from a design like that, but it wouldn't hurt to try I guess.
  • @Cassox: ahh i thought i was being a genius for a moment lol. yeah i didnt consider that...
    @Ironalex: ohh! that could be interesting!

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