Code of Ethics doesn't exist?

Hello all, in this forum and on the wiki the website is advertised as the forums code of ethics, and on the site it does mention a code of ethics several times, however there is seemingly no link to, or example of what this code is.

The website says that a code of ethics was adopted on January 17, 2020 and this seems to coincide with this post:

If anyone knows anything about this let me know, It seems strange that the website claiming to be the communities general principles wouldn't have those principles visible.


  • Interesting. Isn't the site still being constructed?
  • We (Cyberlass and I) are in the process of migrating from the placeholder site (on to the permanent Human Augmentation Institute site. will remain the domain, and it should launch shortly.

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    Excellent news. During the ideation phase I remember my confidence level in the wording being moderate-low, but seeing the Code of Ethics published in its current state I strongly agree with all the tenets.
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