How far apart should magnets implants be?

I have a 1x1mm n52 magnet implanted in my left ring finger. I want to get a new 3x1.5mm magnet implanted but don't want to end my 1x1 experiment. What finger should I implant the new magnet in? For example, if I implanted the new magnet in my middle finger, would the close distance of the two magnets reduce sensitivity? (It would be preferred if I kept it in my left hand since I’m afraid of damaging the magnet in my right hand.)



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    I could help you figure it out if you send me a link to the magnet you have and the one you are thinking about getting. A datasheet would be very helpful for something like this. The math is pretty simple. If you send the link to me I'll read up on both magnets' specs and give you my opinion on where the new one should be placed (including attractive/repulsive force between magnets, etc.)

  • Test it out with an uncoated magnet in the same spot and see how much they attract when your hand is in a resting position. I do not think a small magnet in your ring finger will attract a small magnet in your middle finger unless they are on the sides facing each other.
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