Best place to Implant Magnets?


I've been a lurker here for about 3-4 months, this is my first post/comment.

I am extremely interested in getting the: When I have the money. I was wondering if that's a good first mag-implant? And where a good place would be for maximum worth?


  • Typically people implant into the hands. This offers a lot of range of movement for the magnet and fingertips have a higher nerve density. Although this implant looks way too big for fingertips. I personally wouldn't do a fingerpad implant as it would impede my grip and likely cause inflammation. I would really like to see more people try lip magnet implants. This offers a very high nerve density and also keeps the magnet in a less obtrusive area.

  • Except that field strength diminishes really rapidly. You'd need to have your lips within inches of whatever you're trying to feel.
  • Perhaps you could put it in the pad between thumb and forefinger (enough space for sure but less feeling), or on the blade of your hand down from the pinky finger (not much space for implant but still on the pinky nerve)

  • I like the idea of a lip implant, but agree it's not very practical. I was wondering if 15mm is really too big? I mean even my smallest finger pad is 2&1/2 cm ranging to 3&1/2-4cm. Again, I don't have all that much experience or knowledge so any info is greatly appreciated.

  • What about a magnet to hold my glasses on? Possibly above the ears?
  • Nobody has succeeded thus far using an implanted magnet as a mount for external hardware. The skin between becomes crushed and bloodflow is restricted. I suppose you could implant a large disc to distribute the crushing force of the magnet over a larger area of skin, but it's going to be pretty big and could present other issues.

    The only thing similar that has worked is dermal anchors, but then you have to basically care for a perpetually open wound.
  • Also, people have put magnets into a standard bridge piercing to mount glasses, but bridge piercings require very precise anatomy lest they’ll reject even without irritating them constantly with a large bouncy external object stuck to them.
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