Best place to Implant Magnets?


I've been a lurker here for about 3-4 months, this is my first post/comment.

I am extremely interested in getting the: When I have the money. I was wondering if that's a good first mag-implant? And where a good place would be for maximum worth?


  • Typically people implant into the hands. This offers a lot of range of movement for the magnet and fingertips have a higher nerve density. Although this implant looks way too big for fingertips. I personally wouldn't do a fingerpad implant as it would impede my grip and likely cause inflammation. I would really like to see more people try lip magnet implants. This offers a very high nerve density and also keeps the magnet in a less obtrusive area.

  • Except that field strength diminishes really rapidly. You'd need to have your lips within inches of whatever you're trying to feel.
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