Anyone know where to find a pet coated magnet

I am in desperate need of a n52 pet coated magnet. I implanted a s.h. magnet 2 months ago and it is fully healed, I have not been able to sence anything with it. I have tried bare wire, microwave, and mutible types of ferrous metals. The most I can lift is a small paperclip. I'm hopeful a pet magnet with a thinner coating would have a better result.


  • I don't know where you can find a PET magnet, but I'm assuming you mean that you have a Steve Haworth magnet? I have one of his from about 10 months ago and I am very surprised that you aren't getting any sensation, even from a microwave. I've had good results with mine (only magnet I have, so nothing to compare it to). Although it's not great for lifting, I can easily lift a bottlecap or a number of paperclips.

  • Yes it's the same type. Did your have a very thick coating?
  • It was probably about a millimeter on all sides, similar to the photo I lifted from his website below. It's thicker than some other magnet coatings, but not excessive.

  • Did you heat the magnet above 100°C at any point before you implanted it? I autoclaved one of my previous magnets (like a dingus) and I couldn't sense very much with it as a result. It can't be allowed to approach the Curie temp.
  • Nope I sterilised it with clorohaxdine and alcohol. we have the same magnet. Hopefully I'll start feeling something soon
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