Ban Hammer

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So, we've had to utilize the abuse policy for the first time that I know of. Of course, I'm now getting all the threats and whatnot and recording them accordingly. So should we have a public list of those we've had to ban? So they can't abuse others etc? I'm not sure. It feels a tad like doxing or something? Anyhow, just letting this be known publically.. I have an enemy apparently who had threatened to get into my account and post racist things to "destroy me." So if I suddenly seen like a real dick? Person was probably successful.


  • I'm a fan of transparency, particularly in the case of threatening, abusive, violent, or other unacceptable behavior. Not saying necessarily receipts, but abusers and predators thrive off of quiet and shadow.
  • I think we need to take this on a case by case basis. While it’s good for the community to warn each other of abusers who might continue to abuse others, we also want to avoid building lists of people for any infraction, that might expose those people to abuse themselves.

    So, in the case where someone might be a threat to others in the community, a warning is warranted (as I think it is in this instance).

    But, some abuse might be done by people who learn from their mistakes and grow past them. I think that people who make mistakes out of ignorance deserve a chance to be better without those mistakes following them for the rest of their lives. It’s not our job to put up with those mistakes in the hope that these people become better people; but we shouldn’t contribute to those mistakes hanging over their heads until the end of time.

    Also, we need keep in mind that some abusive people find new and teriible ways to perpetuate abuse; and just calling out that abuse can make things worse for us, too. In those cases as well it might be best to cut ties cleanly and start ignoring them rather than fuel any potential further contact with them.
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