MIT OpenCourses on biomaterials/implants

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Hello everyone,

While searching for interesting knowledge on the MIT OpenCourses website, I found several biology courses relevant to the body-hacking community :I hope that you'll enjoy these courses and find them useful (using a DownThemAll plugin can be handy, given the large number of documents)


  • This is really great! I had a quick look and it seems like a fairly high level of biology (and chemistry) might be required to follow along though, so those of us who didn't study it might have some catching up to do (which OpenCourseWare would of course help with).

    Hopefully in 10, 20 years MIT or Stanford or somesuch will actually be offering courses on biohacking, for other-than-medical purposes!
  • Thanks for the link!  It's above my head, but then that's not surprising.
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