what do you think would happen if...

you break up a piece of neodymium into several tiny little bits and shards and then placed them into a very small plastic capsule that allows for a tiny bit of room for a little movement, and you hold that near a microwave... do you think it would enhance the sensation, reduce sensation or just not change the sensation at all, acting as it would had it never been broken at all?


  • There are a number of people working on variations of this. So the actual NeFeB is really soft and super sensitive to water. So they usually come with a nickel-copper-nickel outer layer. Plastics nearly all have some level of vapor flow. So you don't want to break it. But you can get a similar effect simply using multiple magnets.
    I'm not sure about leaving airgaps either. Im going to try it out. I can make little pouches maybe we could use a color change dye or something. I'll leave them in saline at body temp.
    Glass might be a better option for the gap. We could place the tubing inside a plastic also. Make it indestructible. I know that Moonman is working on something like this. I'd like to have a thread about this started with him involved. If you guys come up with a design, I can probably make them. I can coat anything you can come up with.
  • so what benefit comes from colour change dye? can we see that through the skin? or is that just for testing the product to highlight certain issues before implantation? I will try looking this up too, but its always good to communicate with somebody in the field I am studying in case there are bits that I struggle to understand. once I do get my bearings i would love to draw up some designs. i dont have any materials to experiment with, but i love designing stuff to be tried out by others, so if i upload any drawings, please feel free to play about with and change them as you see fit. all i ask is that you let me see how its all coming along, it would be my pleasure to have helped inspire some creations :)

  • Totally. Yeah, the dye would be just for testing. I've always thought it would be cool to incorporate a safe die that's excreted in urine. Hey, my piss is purple.. better get that implant out.
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    omg lol you are a freaking genius if you can make it work! and, well there is beetroot... i wonder what the dye is known as in that? because at least we know that is safe...at least in the digestive system... the question is, will it just make your entire hand purple? lol. i am probably way off with the beetroot pigment idea. i'll leave that area to the pro's lol. in the meantime, when you have a chance, check out the pics i added to your pellucid 3 thread. i am dying for some feedback :D

  • Hahaha. That would be even better. Oh shit. My hand has been permanently died beet red... Implant worked as planned.
  • lol! find a green dye and use it on my hulk-smash hands and it will look the part! lol!

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