N52 inside snug thin titanium or gold capsule instead of coating?

could that work out better?

the idea is for the capsule to be as small as possible yet still shield you from the neodymium. using gold or titanium because it can be made thinner than the bioglass of an xG3 yet less likely to shatter like the glass could.

has this been tried before? I'm not finding much on the idea on google...

I wonder if this could yield better sensing results?

any info, thoughts, opinions, advice and experiences would be most welcome and appreciated

thank you!




  • https://forum.biohack.me/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/25406#Comment_25406

    There's a search function on this website, but your browser will have to be in desktop mode to use it.
  • ah! nice one! I'll try that as soon as I set up my new laptop, thanks for the link :)

    so glad I'm not the only one thinking capsule instead of coating. I doubt my own ideas so much to the point where I am almost too scared to even say "what about this?" in case everyone laughs and pushes me away for having a dumb idea lol.

    do you think the capsule idea can work?

    hope youre having a great holiday season!

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    You can access desktop mode on your phone browser. Just go to the menu and check the "Request desktop site" option, or equivalent (See attached). The search bar will be in the top right of the page. Please don't necro threads that are more than a year old.

    I do not think a gold capsule will work, it's too soft. Even if you make the coating very thick, it's still prone to stress fractures.

    The titanium capsule is a good idea, but the fabrication is very challenging and expensive. So far it seems none of us (even collectively) have enough money to throw at testing this encapsulation method properly. Even if we did, we would be victims of our own success.

    A perfectly coated magnet that lasts forever, but has a large pricetag, will always be problematic. If the market is small (maybe 1000 people atm) and each person is set for life, then it will be very difficult for us to get beyond the prototyping phase and take advantage of economies of scale. We're kinda stuck. We need a cheaper DIY solution like plastics, until larger actors get involved and can mass produce the good shit for a wider audience.
  • producing the capsules isn't even the problem. Welding them together requires laser welding optimized for very thing materials. It does exist and there are specialist companies out there but I got no response from any of them. You should be prepared to hand over some cash there. If you can drop a request as a legit company , or maybe calling them on the phone might give you a better start. You are welcome to try it. Asking won't cost the world (unless you ask lawyers)

  • oh, so thats why it hasn't been done yet! body-safe plastic sounds like a good idea. I think I'll look into plastic instead.

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