xG3 sensing???

I am pretty sure this guy got an xG3 (please correct if I am wrong, as my entire interest in the xG3 rests on sensing stuff with it, so if he doesnt have an xG3, that changes everything), but hes able to sense with it quite well. I thought the xG3 wasnt much good for sensing? could he have gotten lucky somehow?


  • I have a similar long magnet. I don't know if it's equivalent to the xG3 - it's a 3x1mm parylene coated grain of rice shaped magnet, implanted by Brian Decker.

    Mine works well for lifting (can pick up silverware), and is okay for sensing. I think the sensitivity has gone down very slightly over the 4 years I've had it. I can tell when poorly shielded wires are live, and when motors or microwaves are running.

    I have no idea what he's talking about with regard to feeling vehicles? Even the best sensing magnets should only be able to feel most fields from a few inches to a foot or so away. Massive fields like transformers can be felt from farther away, but a car shouldn't have anything like that?

    Also, his experiences with working out are a big mood. I'd add that dumbbell workouts are harder than barbell workouts, because it's harder to favor a finger when using a dumbbell.

  • hey @tekniklr, I hope you had a lovely xmas if you celebrate. or just a lovely day anyway :)

    yeah I thought the car detection sounded a bit... well... psychosomatic? unless theres something that we hadn't considered? but I think that would be a stretch...

    how did you get your magnet implant? is it an N52? it sounds just like the xG3 since you described the shape and coating exactly. was it injected with a thick needle or was an incision made to slip the magnet into? and where did you implant it? in the outer side of your ring finger? and have you got any other magnet implants to compare it to? I really want to be able to sense something with mine when I get it.

    please excuse all of my questions, I want to hear as many peoples personal experiences with magnet implants as possible, especially if it is an xG3

    thank you

    have a happy and wonderful new year!

  • I got it implanted by Brian Decker in Brooklyn, NY. He used a scalpel and sealed it up with a single stitch. I asked him the strength and he said it’s N52. It’s implanted in the outer side of my non-dominant ring finger, but I have small fingers so extends under the pad just enough to be annoying :)

    I just have the one magnet.
  • ah ok cool, did the magnet itself come from Dangerous Things? it definitely sounds like an xG3.

  • I don’t know where Decker sources them, but I think this is from before Dangerous Things had magnets like this.
  • oh! so its not an xG3! the plot thickens! lol.

    I am also interested in the Pellucids.

  • The xG3 is a recent addition to biohacking (May 2019). People have been coating and implanting magnets for many years now. There have been numerous ebbs and flows of Implantable magnet supply. You just happened to become interested in this at a time where the xG3 is the only high-profile commercially available magnet expressly for this purpose.

    Until very recently, you could just go casually buy a TiN+PMMA coated sensing magnet on Cyberise. It seems that parylene coated magnets are pretty popular with the body mod crowd, so you can often just go to an experienced piercer and they'll have them available from some group buy. There's also occasional group buys on here.
  • interesting! thanks for the info :)

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