sensing magnet coating, shapes and implant location

hi there guys, some of you may know me as Ryan, and have seen me around on the Dangerous Things forum making enquiries about sensing magnets, coating ideas, where in the hand to implant them, etc. but according to amal, there is more discussion on the subject in the forum. so I want to know if there have been any developments on the coating issue?

i am more interested in sensing implants over "picking up" implants, as i would like to be able to sense EM fields and the like. it broke my excitable little heart when i discovered that the gold/titanium coatings were failing and that people are giving up on these sensing implants.

i want to have the magnet implanted in my middle finger close to the palm of the right hand (see pic)

as you can probably see, i have very large meaty hands so there is a lot of space to work with when it comes to finding a part of my hand that i can fit a magnet into. how much do you think my sensitivity would be effected by me implanting it in that location? do you think it will be less sensitive because it isnt the tip? if so, do you think it would be a dramatic difference?

yesterday I saw something posted by one of you that having the magnet in the shape of a little tiny sphere could be a good idea. has anyone tried coating and implanting a spherical N52 yet? if so, how has that been working out for you? I am so intrigued by the idea as it could be much easier and more efficient if it was spherical right? or wrong? lol.

i am very very very new to the subject so please forgive me for asking so many questions, I learn much faster and more efficiently by communication more than just reading alone, which I do also do, but communication really helps me get my head around parts of information that I read that i may not have understood had I just read it from some website without there being somebody to give their opinions on any questions i may have, should i struggle to understand something i have read on a website, as if I dont understand something, I can have somebody help me to understand the material better when they help me to look at the material from a different angle. it is just the way i learn, i have a weird brain i guess.

also if you are a Bromley (kent) based body modification artist who is confident in your ability to perform the implantation, please get in touch.

thanks guys for reading all of this and for any information you can provide to this newb.

best wishes and merry Christmas! <3



  • So as far as spherical goes. I have not heard of any done so far. We had a hard enough time with discs, so spheres would be crazy to coat. We don't reccomend magnets on the palm side of the hand, except in the fingers. But I did have an idea I've wanted to try, where a spherical magnet is placed in a grid style tube with room to spin. I think it would vibrate more and make it so weaker magnets/thicker coatings could still be used. I'm not the expert on this though. @Cassox is!
  • I think that placement might be a problem if you ever plan to pick up heavy things like barbells or furniture!

    Also, my guess is it will be a lot less good at sensing fields in that location.

    People like to go for the fingertips because there are more nerve endings for better sensing of fields, and off to the side so the magnet doesn’t impact most daily activities too negatively.
  • Although you will get less sensitivity if you install in locations other than the fingertip, it is beneficial in that it hurts less. Getting jabbed in the fingertip with a piercing needle fucking sucks.
  • oh hey @Satur9! nice to see you here! yeah, I am quite afraid of the pain of the fingertip idea, however, if it works better there, I might just go for the side of my middle finger tip then. the other benefit of a small spherical magnet is that it should be more resistant to breaking due to it not being flat or long, which would allow it to bend and snap under pressure. if anything, I would hope that any accidental pressure on it would just cause it to pop out of position. but as you know, I am a total newb (hence my name lol)

    @tekniklr actually I am kind of exempt from heavy lifting and the like on account of me suffering from a bunch of health issues so I am not too worried about heavy lifting affecting the magnet in that part of my hand... but if sensitivity is reduced, it looks like I am going to settle with getting the magnet in the side of my middle finger. thank you for the tips :)

    @Moonman0922 omg thats genius! so the magnet would vibrate and rattle against the tubular cage/mesh! maybe if it was placed into a small metal (titanium?) capsule with room to rattle? I mean, it would rattle whether it was mesh or solid as it is still metal, also, the hand is protected by the capsule AND the ball can roll and rattle when your hand is exposed to an EM field! right?

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    well, its settled, I am going to get it here. I am still super excited about the rattling capsule idea (@moonman0922 you badass genius!), any thoughts?

  • ok so i have had my 7 magnets implanted for over 2 years now and haven't had any issues. i have added pics where mine are. 4 are not very strong and the other 2 are fairly strong. and last one aint too strong either. i use it for medical oppose to anything else.

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  • cool, thank you for your input <3

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