Someone wants TiN and Parylene coated N52 1x3mm?

edited December 2019 in Magnets
I asked a manufacturer and got an offer. 100 of this bad boys for $33,12 each.
Honestly I need no more than 10...
So I am looking for people that are willing to buy some of these. Preferably in higher quantities.
Maybe you would like to resell it? Idk, just dm me or answer if you are interested.


  • Guess it depends on how many of those 100 survive the usual testing procedures.

  • Yeah, but the problem is, I don't have that amount of money to buy them all. And additionaly I can't be sure if anyone will actually buy them from me.
  • I'm in as long as some test well
  • > @Fireshadow369 said:
    > I'm in as long as some test well

    Yeah, but seeing the interest and stuff I am not going to have money to even buy them to do the testing.

    Guess I'll be buying Haworth's.
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