Book discusses pharmaceutical interventions for romantic/sexual attraction

There is an upcoming book that discusses possible drugs that could alter romantic/sexual attractions. It is called Love Drugs: The Chemical Future of Our Relationships by Brian Earp and Julian Savulescu.

Would research into these types of drugs be acceptable? One of the chapters is called Avoiding Disaster which mentions potential high-tech methods of altering sexual orientation.


  • I hope no technology to alter sexual orientation exists, because if it did it would be forcibly applied to people against their will. People are horrific, and this would allow them to be more so.

    On the one hand, I want to know how orientation works biologically, on the other, I know such knowledge would only be used to break people into fitting in with societal and religious norms.
  • There is one person who writes that it could be used for progressive means:

    The abstract of the book is here:

  • That kinda technology makes me really nervous, for exactly the reasons tekniklr mentioned. I think the first article you mentioned @sas86 is kinda optimistic, at least with regards to america.

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    In pluralistic societies this would be fine and there are several identities, religious/national etc that are changed but are protected anyway.

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    I have this tech. It's how I'm making sterile drug mules out of people I don't like.
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    Sexual orientation is a complex interaction with biology, personal experiences, culture, psicology and so on and on and on. Sexuality is chaos. I doubt any drug could change it like this. If you want to expand your sexual experience, just truly keep your mind open, relax and go for it. If it's not your cup of tea, ok. Maybe in the future, you will like if you try again, maybe not. Sexuality also flows and nobody is 100% straight or anything, even gender and sex are not that rigid structure people like to think they are. Anyway, you don't have to have something with every nice person who wants to have sex with you or... anyway. As a queer person myself, I have NO doubt that this kind of research would be used to try to """cure""" people like me, and you can be sure this kind of stuff has already being tried so hard. I'm also sure that if this book was based on something viable (you know that its not true or good information just because its in a book, right?), this kind of drug would be already being used by medicine with all the shitty excuses for it. I bet Paul B. Preciado would have lots to say about this post.

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