Injectable Biomagnet?

I want to try injectable biomagnets.
I’m using 1x1mm n52 magnets with a gold plating (I know the plating won’t last very long).
I put one of these magnets inside of a 15G syringe needle along with a graphite rod to push the magnet down the needle.
I want to implant it in my left ring finger.

Would this work?
Would lidocaine paste work sufficiently to num the finger?
Is 1x1mm big enough for proper sensing?
What biocompatible lubricant could I use inside of the needle to prevent scratching the magnet?
A picture of the magnet (This magnet hasn’t been plated yet but my plating method works well).


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    I know gold platings are easy to come by, but their primary weakness is the low hardness of gold. Even if you're rreeaaalllyyy careful during installation, I doubt a gold plated magnet (especially one you plated yourself outside of an industrial scale operation) will last 6 months. I can't tell from the picture if the magnet is cylindrical or square, but be careful with square ones. The corners receive much more wear and the coating degrades faster.

    1mm x 1mm is pretty small. I don't think you'll get great sensing capabilities from that. You might also have a hard time finding it during the inevitable removal procedure. I had a 1mm x 3mm and was a bit disappointed at the sensing capabilities. I switched to a 3mm x 6mm and am more pleased with the results.

    Topical lidocaine is good stuff, but I don't think it will penetrate deep enough for a finger install. Not sure though. I had both of mine done with no pain management. It sucked, but I made it through without much difficulty.
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